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Antique PeDe Wall Coffee Grinder

Antique PeDe Wall Coffee Grinder

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1920s, Holland, in very good condition. Complete with cork lid (new) and undamagedglass container.
A very nice coffee grinder from the famous PeDe brand. This wall mounted coffee grinder is made of porcelain and cast iron mounted on a wooden board. The grinder is cream colored. The wooden handle on the pendulum is also cream, and there is a cork top which has been added. Coffee grinders like this were attached to the wall.
The mill is in good condition and is mounted on a wooden board for easy attachment to the wall. Coffee is ground and collected in the glass container at the bottom of the mill. This item is still intact, functional and complete.

Measurements: 5"W x 8"D x 13.5"H

Available for viewing and purchase in Booth #43 at Ella Grace Marketplace Calgary subject to availability

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